About Strabex
About Strabex
About Strabex


The company STRABEX Ltd. was founded in 1993. With legal address in Sofia, Ekzarh Yosif 30.

STRABEX Ltd. has a factory for freezing fruits, vegetables and lyutenitsa production in Sliven, Industrial zone 38.

The factory has a tunnel for shock freezing, three shock freezing chambers, and a total freezing area of around 4000 cubic meters.

It has a new and modern equipment for the complete processing and preparation of the products for freezing. There is also a fleet for the supply of raw materials and transportation of the ready-made frozen products. We work with partners from Romania, Greece, Serbia, Poland, France. The company has contacts with the producers of the necessary raw material from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

Processes and freezes the following types of products:

Frozen Vegetables

Peas, green beans, zucchini on a washer and a cube, tomato: whole and quarters, roasted pepper, pepper for filling, pepper cut into a strip, corn, roasted aubergine, eggplant cut into cubes or washers, brocols, cauliflower, cucumber 6mm

Frozen Fruits

Cloves with/without stones, prunes on a half-pitch without a stone, quince cube


Lyutenitsa Premium Coarsely, Lyutenitsa Rural Coarsely, Lyutenitsa Finely, Kyopoolu, Haidushki Dish